Today I wound up 3 days at Superior Court in Downtown Los Angeles. The driving time from La Crescenta was about 30 minutes. I had jury duty. For three days I and about 60 other people sat while the judge and 3 attorneys examined us. Rarely have 60 people been so quiet and so discontented. But, for all that, it made me proud. The judge was a great guy, the attorneys were all diligent and seemed to be genuinely interested in arriving at justice. The prospective jurors were all attentive and despite, in many cases, great personal inconvenience were resigned to the inconvenience and determined to do there part to arrive at a just conclusion.

I didn’t make it onto the jury panel. And I was both relieved and disappointed. But when I left I was confident that our system is going to do it’s level best to arrive at justice.

When I got back to La Crescenta today (another 30 minute drive during traffic at about 4:30pm) it occurred to me that I won’t know how the trial comes out. It won’t make the headlines in the LA Times. It won’t show up on the internet & it won’t even show up here.

In the same way; all of the good news about real estate sales in our area won’t make it into the paper either. The fact that people are getting homes at more affordable prices and interest rates now than has been possible for several years hardly makes a ripple in the news.

I’ll be reporting the facts here. Some of them will be disappointing; sales will be down, prices will be down. But I’ll also be reporting on the good parts too. Stay tuned.